Major instruments are in bold

  • Cell culture equipment
    • 4 CO2 incubators (Forma Scientific and Nuaire)
    • 5 Biosafety cabinets (ESCO, Telstar, Forma Scientific and Nuaire)
    • 2 Olympus invert microscopes with camera
  • Cellular analysis and high througput instrumentation
    • Qiagen Tissuelyser II
  • Seahorse XF96 extracellular flux analyser
    Tecan Freedom Evo 150 liquid handling robot and measurement setup
    ECIS (Electric cell impedance sensing) from Applied Biophysics
    • Tecan Power washer microplate washer
    • Thermo Multidrop dispenser
    • Perkin-Elmer Victor V3 microplate luminometer
    • Alpha Innotech Fluorchem FC2 gel documentation system
    • Thermo Fluoroskan Accent FL microplate fluorimeter
    • Labsystem Multiskan MS microplate readers
    • Biosan plate shaker
    • Vilber-Lourmat UV illuminator
  • Molecular biology equipment
    • Hybaid (Touchdown, PCR express), ABI (Veriti), Finnzymes (PIKO) PCR machines
    • ABI 7500 and Roche Light Cycler 480 real time qPCR systems
    • ND-1000 Nanodrop spectrophotometer
    • Hybaid Midi Dual 14 and BRC HI-01 hybridisation chambers
    • Hoefer UVC 500 crosslinker
    • Bio-Rad electroporator
    • Edmund Bühler, Forma Scientific and Gallenkamp orbital shakers
    • Savant Speed Vac
  • Protein biochemistry and protein interaction equipment
    • Pharmacia FPLC chromatography systems
    • Merck HPLC chromatography systems
    • Bio-Rad and Pharmacia gel electrophoresis systems (vertical and horizontal)
    • Bio-Rad Microrotofor IEF system
    • Biacore-3000 (Surface Plasmone Resonance)
    • Bio-Rad Model 583 gel dryer
    • Bio-Rad 2D gel electrophoresis sytem
    • MicroCal ITC200 microcalorimeter
  • Histology, microscopy equipment
    • Leica SP8 Confocal fluorescent microscope
    • Zeiss axioscope fluorescent microscope with Axiocam camera
    • Reicher microtome
  • Other equipment
    • NO analyzer
    • Bioseb AZ9882 digital thermometer for rodents
    • Perkin-Elmer Tricarb 2800 TR liquid scintillation counter
    • Shimadzu UV-1601, Pharmacia Ultrospec III UV/vis and Thermo specrophotometers
    • Hitachi, Eppendorf tabletop centrifuges
    • IEC, Janetzki, Hettich (Rotina 420ER, Rotofix 32) and Beckmann (Allegra X-12) centrifuges
    • Beckmann ultracentrifuges
    • 2 Forma Scientific Kelvinators
    • Ultra Turrax homogenizer
    • Branson sonicator
    • Cold room
    • Millipore Elix ion exchanger for pure water
    • HS122A heat sterilization instrument
    • Raypa autoclave

Updated: 2017.07.19.