Signal transduction in the endothelium-group

Signal transduction in the endothelium-group

  • Group leader:

    • Csilla Csortos, Ph.D.
    • Anita Boratkó, Ph.D.
  • Group members:  
    • Anita Kása, Ph.D.
    • Margit Péter, predoctoral fellow
    • Rita Somogyi, B.Sc.
    • Kitti Barta
    • Nikolett Király, B.Sc.
    • Fanni Rapcsák, B.Sc.
    • Krisztián Bozó, B.Sc
      • Dalma Márton, undergraduate student
      • Zsófia Thalwieser, undergraduate student
    • Előd Kovács, undergraduate student
    • Anett Pannuska, undergraduate student
    • Fanny Kaposi, undergraduate student
    • Gergely Udvarhelyi, undergraduate student
    • Marcell Pozsa, undergraduate student

Research interest

Vascular endothelial cell (EC) monolayer acts as a semiselective barrier between blood and the interstitium. EC barrier integrity is critical to tissue and organ function. Phosphorylation level of many cytoskeleton and cytoskeleton-associated proteins plays crucial role in the EC barrier function. We have shown the regulatory role of two major mammalian Ser/Thr-specific protein phosphatases (PP), type 1 and type 2A in maintaining EC cytoskeleton structure and barrier function.

We have characterized the protein-protein interaction between the catalytic subunit of PP1 and TIMAP (TGF-beta inhibited membrane-associated protein, highly expressed in EC), and demonstrated the positive role of TIMAP in pulmonary EC barrier function. Our results indicated that phosphorylated or dephosphorylated forms of TIMAP in complex with PP1 mediate differently the phosphorylation level of the actin-plasma membrane cross-linker ERM (ezrin-radixin-moesin) proteins in EC. TIMAP contains ankyrin repeats allowing protein-protein interactions, therefore we intend to explore further potential substrates and regulatory protein partners of TIMAP-PP1.
We have also shown the critical role of the B subunit of PP2A in the maintenance of the cytoskeleton of EC. Currently we search for interacting partners of PP2A B subunit, to learn more about the physiological role of PP2A in EC.

Selected publications

  • Boratkó A, Veréb Z, Petrovski G, Csortos C: TIMAP-protein phosphatase 1-complex controls endothelin-1 production via ECE-1 dephosphorylation
    INT J BIOCHEM CELL BIOL 73:11-18. (2016)
  • Boratkó A, Péter M, Thalwieser Z, Kovács E, Csortos C: Elongation factor-1A1 is a novel substrate of the protein phosphatase 1-TIMAP complex INT J BIOCHEM CELL BIOL 69:105-13 (2015)
  • Boratkó A, Csortos C: NHERF2 is crucial in ERM phosphorylation in pulmonary endothelial cells CELL COMMUNICATION AND SIGNALING 11:(99), pp.1-10 (2013)
  • Boratkó A, Gergely P, Csortos C: RACK1 is involved in endothelial barrier regulation via its two novel interacting partners CELL COMMUNICATION AND SIGNALING 11:(2) pp. 1-14. (2013)
  • Kása A, Czikora I, Verin AD, Gergely P, Csortos C: Protein phosphatase 2A activity is required for functional adherent junctions in endothelial cells MICROVASCULAR RESEARCH 89: pp. 86-94. (2013)
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  • Czikora I, Kim K, Kása A, Bécsi B, Verin AD, Gergely P, Erdődi F, Csortos C: Characterization of the effect of TIMAP phosphorylation on its interaction with protein phosphatase 1 BIOCHIMIE 93:(7) pp. 1139-1145. (2011)
  • Csortos C, Czikora I, Bogatcheva NV, Adyshev DM, Poirier C, Olah G, Verin AD: TIMAP is a positive regulator of pulmonary endothelial barrier function AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGY 295:(3) pp. L440-L450. (2008)
  • Csortos C, Kolosova I, Verin AD: Regulation of vascular endothelial cell barrier function and cytoskeleton structure by protein phosphatases of the PPP family AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGY 293:(4) pp. L843-L854. (2007)
  • Tar* K, Csortos* C, Czikora I, Oláh G, Ma SF, Wadgaonkar R, Gergely P, Garcia JGN, Verin AD: Role of Protein Phosphatase 2A in The Regulation of Endothelial Cell Cytoskeleton Structure JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY 98:(4) pp. 931-953. (2006) (*első szerzők)
  • Tar K, Birukova AA, Csortos C, Bakó É, Garcia JGN, Verin AD: Phosphatase 2A is involved in endothelial cell microtubule remodeling and barrier regulation JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY 92:(3) pp. 534-546. (2004)

Updated: 2021.04.01.

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