Research papers, 2011

  • Matta, Cs., Juhász, T., Szíjgyártó, Zs., Kolozsvári, B., Somogyi, Cs., Nagy, G., Gergely, P., Zákány, R.: PKCdelta is a positive regulator of chondrogenesis in chicken high density micromass cell cultures Biochimie 93, 149-159 (2011)
  • Bakondi, E., Catalgol, B., Bak, I., Jung, T., Bozaykut, P., Bayramicli, M., Ozer, N.K., Grune, T.: Age-related loss of stress-induced nuclear proteasome activation is due to low PARP-1 activity Free Radical Biology and Medicine 50, 86-92 (2011)
  • Docsa, T., Czifrák, K., Hüse, C., Somsák, L., Gergely, P.: Effect of glucopyranosylidene-spiro-thiohydantoin on glycogen metabolism in liver tissues of streptozotocin-induced and obese diabetic rats Molecular Medicine Reports 4, 477-481 (2011)
  • Bai, P., Canto, C., Brunyánszki, A., Huber, A., Szántó, M., Cen, Y., Yamamoto, H., Houten, S.M., Kiss, B., Oudart, H., Gergely, P., Menissier-de Murcia, J., Schreiber, V., Sauve, A.A., Auwerx, J.: PARP-2 regulates SIRT1 expression and whole-body energy expenditure Cell Metabolism 13, 450-460 (2011)
  • Bai, P., Canto, C., Oudart, H., Brunyánszki, A., Cen, Y., Thomas, C., Yamamoto, H., Huber, A., Kiss, B., Houtkooper, R.H., Schoonjans, K., Schreiber, V., Sauve, A.A., Menissier-de Murcia, J., Auwerx, J.: PARP-1 inhibition increases mitochondrial metabolism through SIRT1 activation Cell Metabolism 13, 461-468 (2011)
  • Czikora, I., Kim, K., Kása, A., Bécsi, B., Verin, A.D., Gergely, P., Erdődi, F., Csortos, Cs.: Characterization of the effect of TIMAP phosphorylation on its interaction with protein phosphatase 1 Biochimie 93(7), 1139-1145 (2011)
  • Szabó, É., Kovács, I., Grune, T., Haczku, A., Virág, L.: PARP-1: a new player in the asthma field? Allergy 66, 811-814 (2011)
  • Singer, C.A., Lontay, B., Unruh, H., Halayko, A.J., Gerthoffer, W.T.: Src mediates cytokine-stimulated gene expression in airway myocytes through ERK MAPK Cell Communication and Signaling 9:14, 1-5 (2011)
  • Kun, S., Nagy, G.Z., Tóth, M., Czecze, L., Van Nhien, A.N., Docsa, T., Gergely, P., Charavgi, M.D., Skourti, P.V., Chrysina, E.D., Patonay, T., Somsák, L.: Synthesis of variously coupled conjugates of D-glucose, 1,3,4-oxadiazole, and 1,2,3-triazole for inhibitor of glycogen phosphorylase Carbohydrate Research 346, 1427-1438 (2011)
  • Miskei, M., Ádám, Cs., Kovács, L., Karányi, Zs., Dombrádi, V.: Molecular evolution of phosphoprotein phosphatases in Drosophila PLOS ONE 6 (7): e22218, 1-12 (2011)
  • Bodoor, K., Lontay, B., Safi, R., Weitzel, D.H., Loiselle, D., Wei, Z., Lengyel, Sz., McDonnell, D.P.,  Haystead, T.A.: Smoothelin-like 1 protein is a bifunctional regulator of the progesterone receptor during pregnancy J. Biol. Chem. 286, 31839-31851 (2011)
  • Szántó, M., Rutkai, I., Hegedűs, Cs., Czikora, Á., Rózsahegyi, M., Kiss, B., Virág, L., Gergely, P., Tóth, A., Bai, P.: Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-2 depletion reduces doxorubicin-induced damage through SIRT1 induction Cardiovascular Research 92, 430-438 (2011)
  • Altorjay, I., Veréb, Z., Serfőző, Z., Bácskai, I., Bátori, R., Erdődi, F., Udvardy, M., Sipka, S., Lányi, Á., Rajnavölgyi, É., Palatka, K.: Anti-TNF-alpha antibody (infliximab) therapy supports the recovery of eNOS and VEGFR2 protein expression in endothelial cells Int. J. Immunopathology and Pharmacology. 24 (2), 323-335 (2011)
  • Haskó, Gy., Csóka, B., Koscsó, B., Chandra, R., Pacher, P., Thompson, L.F., Deitch, E.A., Spolarics, Z., Virág, L., Gergely, P., Rolandelli, R.H., Németh, Z.H.: Ecto-5’-nucleotidase (CD73) decreases mortality and organ injury in sepsis Journal of Immunology 187, 4256-4267 (2011)

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