Research papers, 2020

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Alatshan, A., Kovács, G.E., Aladdin, A., Czimmerer, Zs., Tar, K., Benkő, Sz.: All-trans retinoic acid enhances both the signalling for priming and the glycolysis for activation of NLRP3 inflammasome in human macrophage. Cells 9, 1-21 (2020)


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Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 24, 6716-6730 (2020)


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Nagy, L., Béke, F., Juhász, L., Kovács, T., Juhász-Tóth, É., Docsa, T., Tóth, A., Gergely, P., Somsák, L., Bai, P.: Glycogen phosphorylase inhibitor, 2,3-bis[(2E)-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)prop-2-enamido] butanedioic acid (BF142), improves baseline insulin secretion of MIN6 insulinoma cells.  Plos One 15(9), pp. 1-15 (2020)


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Sári, Zs., Mikó, E., Kovács, T., Boratkó, A., Ujlaki, Gy., Jankó, L., Kiss, B., Uray, K., Bai, P.: Indoxylsulfate, a metabolite of the microbiome, has cytostatic effects in breast cancer via activation of AHR and PXR receptors and induction of oxidative stress. Cancers 12, 2915, pp. 1-23 (2020)


Aladdin, A., Yao, Y., Yang, C., Kahlert, G., Ghani, M., Király, N., Boratkó, A., Uray, K., Dittmar, G., Tar, K.: The proteasome activators Blm10/PA200 enhance the proteasomal degradation of N-terminal Huntingtin. Biomolecules 2020 10, 1581, p: 1-33 (2020)


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Mészáros, B., Papp, F., Mocsár, G., Kókai, E., Kovács, K., Tajti, G., Panyi, Gy.: The voltage-gated proton channel hHv1 is functionally expressed in human chorion-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Scientific Reports 10:7100, pp 1-16 (2020)


Méhes, G., Matolay, O., Beke, L., Czenke, M., Pórszász, R., Mikó, E., Bai, P., Berényi, E., Trencsényi, Gy.: Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor acetazolamide enhances CHOP treatment response and stimulates effector T-cell infiltration in A20/BalbC murine B-cell lymphoma. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21, 5001, p:1-14 (2020)


Lódi, M., Bánhegyi, V., Bódi, B., Gyöngyösi, A., Kovács, Á., Árokszállási, A., Hamdani, N., Fagyas, M., Édes, I., Csanádi, Z., Czuriga, I., Kisvárday, Z., Lekli, I., Bai, P., Tóth, A., Papp, Z., Czuriga, D.: Prophylactic, single-drug cardioprotection in a comparative, experimental study of doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy. Journal of Translational Medicine 18:470, p. 1-18 (2020)


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Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 18, 931-940 (2020)



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