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Public Health Requirements

The program consists of lectures and seminars. Attendance at seminars is recorded. Students should attend at least 80% of seminars.

Three control tests (general chemistry; organic chemistry and bioorganic chemistry) covering the topics of lectures and seminars will be written during the semester. Preparation for the tests and exams should be based on the official textbooks, lectures and seminars. Knowledge of the “minimal requirements” as published on the Department’s homepage is not sufficient for the successful completion of control tests/exams. Minimal requirements simply indicate the core knowledge, the lack of which (or any part of it) necessarily results in the student failing the test/exam.

Control tests and final exams will be assessed as follows*:


Percentage (%)*           Mark

Percentage (%)* Mark
0-49 fail (1)
50-62 pass (2)
63-74 satisfactory (3)
75-86 good (4)
87-100 excellent (5)


*Percentage values may slightly vary depending on the actual number of questions in the tests/exams.


The final exam is a written test composed of three modules: general chemistry; organic chemistry and bioorganic chemistry. Each module consists of multiple choice questions. For each module students may opt for either accepting the percentage of the corresponding control test or taking the exam test. The mark of the exam will be determined by calculating the average percentage values of the three modules (either from control tests or from exam tests). Thus the student may get full exemption from the final exam in case (s) he passed all three control tests and chooses to take the results of the control tests rather than sitting a final exam. The student can only pass the exam if the result of all three modules is at least a “pass (2)”.

Students should declare till a given deadline whether or not they accept the control test result(s) otherwise the results will be cancelled. If the student chooses to use control test results, then (s)he should answer questions in the final written examination only from the missing module(s). Results of control tests and exam modules can be carried to B or C chance exams

Students who have successfully passed the exam are allowed to take one improvement exam.

In case students take the exam in the second semester at the end of an exam course, then all three modules of the exam must be taken and results of previous control tests or exam modules cannot be considered.

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